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A Conversation With Katie Button & Felix Meana of Curaté & Nightbell

They come with what may be the greatest pedigree in the modern cooking world. Chef Katie Button and her husband, Felix Meana met while they were both working at the legendary elBulli in Roses, Catalunya, Spain. Katie was a stagiere […]

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Inside noma – A Docsconz Video

In the second half of August I had the opportunity to travel to Copenhagen and visit noma, the restaurant now considered by The San Pellegrino World's Fifty Best Restaurants as the number one restaurant in the world. Prior to dining […]

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Adriano DiMario’s Seafood Fra Diavolo – A Video Presentation

I enjoyed the seafood fra diavolo at Cafe Lazio in Queensbury, N.Y., I asked Chef Adriano DiMario if he would mind if I filmed him preparing the dish. He graciously agreed and here is the result. This is my first […]

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Ferran Adria @ Google

It's long (just over an hour),
but this video provides excellent insight into Ferran Adria and elBulli. 
I love the "Day in the Life Video" early in the program. I first saw it two years ago at The Spain and […]

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