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Fabio’s Fabulous Fiola

I missed him at Maestro, but I’ve been a fan of Fabio Trabocchi’s for a few years now and have followed him from Fiamma to the Four Seasons and finally to Fiola. Few prepare food better or more beautifully. Fiamma was […]

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Fabio Trabocchi No Longer at The Four Seasons.

I was shocked the other day when I learned that Chef Fabio Trabocchi was no longer the chef at The Four Seasons. I felt that the combination of Chef Trabocchi and The Four Seasons had the potential for true synergy. […]

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My Top 25 Restaurant Meals of 2009

So much for 2009 being a culinary waste land. With the Recession in
full swing and even very good restaurants seemingly dropping like
flies, the year was supposed to be a total disaster on the food-scape.
Instead, this may have been the greatest […]

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Fabio Trabocchi Shows Me the Future of The Four Seasons: Part Two

I had originally hoped to dine at The Four Seasons with a friend but my friend ultimately couldn't make it and I failed to attract a last minute replacement. While I would have loved my friend's company, dining […]

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Top Three Restaurant Meals – June 2009

I ate well throughout June, but it was mostly home-cooking, except for one glorious weekend in the middle of the month. This month's top 3 is a bit unorthodox as only one of the top 3 was a classic sit […]

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A 50th Birthday Party – The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons Co-owner Julian Niccolini under the Picasso
When a restaurant with the pedigree and history of the Four Seasons in NYC has a 50th birthday party and one is lucky enough to be invited, one is likely to make […]

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