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A Taste of Northern Spain – Part 6: A Fabulous Finish – Navarra, La Rioja and Madrid

Leaving a city like San Sebastián is never easy, but one of the things I love most about Spain as a travel destination, is that around every corner there is always something good to eat and drink and something interesting […]

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BarBas – A Barcelona Surprise

It was a Monday night when I was arriving back in Barcelona and I was meeting a couple of friends for dinner. When they told me that the restaurant they chose was located on the Rambla de Catalunya just off […]

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A Conversation With Katie Button & Felix Meana of Curaté & Nightbell

They come with what may be the greatest pedigree in the modern cooking world. Chef Katie Button and her husband, Felix Meana met while they were both working at the legendary elBulli in Roses, Catalunya, Spain. Katie was a stagiere […]

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Sunday Photo – Pouring Wine at El Colmado

First things first, my son, L.J. Sconzo, works at El Colmado as well as Tertulia, the NYC Spanish restaurants helmed by Chef Seamus Mullen. I had lunch at the recently opened El Colmado in the brand new Gotham West Market on […]

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Flan y Ajo – Tasty Tapas in Providence

It is the proverbial hole in the wall and the menu, at least at lunch, was not extensive, but what was there was quite delicious. I will take quality over quantity any day. At Flan y Ajo, a small tapas […]

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Sunday Photos – Piquillos

Spanish canned foods are legendary and deservedly so. Amongst my favorites are piquillo peppers. These uniquely flavored peppers are sweet and profound when roasted, peeled and canned. They are great alone, but sublime when stuffed.
These were stuffed with fresh goat […]

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Toro: Tasty Tapas in Boston

Much has been written about the growth of Spanish restaurants and cooking in the United States in recent years. Led by Jose Andres' Jaleo in D.C., there has been an incredible growth of this cuisine (perhaps my favorite). New […]

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