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TGRWT#20 Pumpkin & Cooked Chicken Round-Up

“Pues me dio calabazas” is an
idiomatic expression that I learned in high school Spanish. It
literally translates into “she gave me pumpkins,” which really
means that she blew me off. Despite that rather negative association,
I have always been fond of […]

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Taste of the Week – November 15th-21st

For a number of reasons, I have been on a pumpkin kick of late. While there appears to be a national shortage of canned pumpkin, fortunately there has been no shortage of quality heirloom pumpkins in my neighborhood.Thanks […]

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TGRWT #20: Pumpkin and Cooked Chicken

OK, I am more than a little embarrassed, but because I didn't fully understand how the Food Pairings Website  worked, I initially chose a combination that I thought was within bounds – pumpkin and lemongrass. While I feel that the […]

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