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A Tale of Two Lobsters – A Quick Visit to Maine Lobster Country

Not all lobsters and not all lobster shacks are created equal. While it is probably very difficult to find a bad one in Maine, some indeed stand out above the rest. I was recently in that fine state for a […]

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Soto Voce

I don't understand why the restaurant Soto doesn't get more buzz than it appears to get. Combining stunningly creative sushi using top-notch ingredients and beautifully composed and delicious hot dishes all at a very reasonable price for a […]

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A Birthday Paella

I'm lucky. I come from a very close-knit family. I'm the youngest of 6 kids with a 17 year spread between my oldest brother and myself. We all enjoy each other's company and though we are not all geographically close […]

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More Loving Lobsters

Two prices I never thought I would see again are gas for less than $2/gallon and lobster at less than $5/lb. Despite the painful circumstances of their return, I must admit that those prices are indeed welcome. I thought I […]

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Loving Lobsters

I can't recall a better or more important time to buy and eat lobsters than now. I just bought some at a local supermarket and cooked them this past Friday to celebrate a son's birthday. They were fresh and lively. […]

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