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Sunday Photo – Hot Chocolate

Here it is, the last Sunday of the year and this will be my last installment of my series of “Sunday Photos.” It is a testament to how quickly 2013 has passed as it was taken almost one year ago […]

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Culinary Pilgrimages: Part 7 – Lovely Lyon

Our timing for the drive to the train station was good. With a 12 noon train, we missed the rush hour traffic and made it to Brussels with plenty of time to find the Car Rental return and get our […]

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Lucy’s Tartiflette – A Plum Recipe – Rustic French at its Finest

When my son, L.J. and I were recently in Lyon for the Bocuse d’Or we had the distinct honor, luck and pleasure to have been invited for dinners not once, but twice at the home of my friends Lucy and […]

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Lyon is for Lovers: Chocolate Heaven

Valentine’s Day is a day that celebrates love, both of the romantic kind as well as the Platonic. The holiday has a few specific icons associated with it including Cupid, red roses and not least amongst them, chocolate. I […]

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Bars, Brasseries, Bistros and Bouchons of Lyon

During my last visit to Lyon, I ate at some of the more well known temples of haute cuisine including Restaurant Paul Bocuse and La Mere Braziere. They provided an indelible glimpse into the world of French fine dining of […]

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L’Auberge de Paul Bocuse

One can’t really eat history, but one can feel it and soak it up. Paul Bocuse is the living embodiment of French cuisine of the latter half of the twentieth century. There are no more than a handful of chefs […]

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Poularde de Bresse En Vessie in Lyon

Bresse chicken is special. I had heard so much about poularde de Bresse en vessie or Bresse chicken cooked inside of a pig's bladder that when the opportunity arose while in Lyon, I had to take advantage of it. Having […]

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Taste of the Week – January 24th -31st

With this feature, I aim to record the single most interesting, unique or delicious bite I tried over the previous week. Considering I spent the bulk of this past week in Lyon, France attending the Bocuse D’Or
and SIRHA exposition, […]

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Top Three Restaurant Meals – January 2009

Though I am limiting this list to three for the month, it may be at the end of the year that more than three restaurants from January make my top ten list for the year. As good as they were, […]

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