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Sunday Photo: A Lot of Talent in This Kitchen

Billed as “Chefs Without Restaurants,” this kitchen featured six guest chefs not currently working in restaurants and two who are, the hosts Scott Anderson and Michael Ryan of Elements in Princeton, N.J. This past Friday, chefs Karen Urie Shields and […]

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Breaking News – John & Karen Shields Have Left Town House

According to The Washington Post, Chefs and souses John and Karen Urie Shields have left the restaurant that they put on the map and conversely made them culinary stars – Town House in Chilhowie, Virginia. Southwest Virginia is not the […]

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“The Orange From Valencia” – A Docsconz Video from Town House

The Orange From Valencia from John Sconzo on Vimeo.
"The Orange From Valencia" is a standout dish at the standout restaurant, Town House in Chilhowie, Virginia. Chef John Shields and his team have produced a dish that is not only delicious, […]

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Town House – A Destination in Chilhowie

Most destination restaurants make it
somewhat easy for a diner to choose it and make a trip there. They
are generally not that difficult to get to and there are other
attractions in the area. As examples, elBulli has Barcelona nearby […]

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My March to the Sea: A Journey to Some of the Best New Southern Cooking

Unlike another invader who came from
the north, I did not descend upon the south to plunder and conquer,
intent on leaving a wake of devastation. No, I came to discover for
myself some of what I have heard so much […]

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