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Mmmmmm, Coffee….

I have always liked coffee, though my tastes and priorities have changed and evolved over the years. I started drinking coffee as a child in the ’60’s. Then the coffee I drank was awash with milk and sugar. I couldn’t […]

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11 Thoughts On Ringing In a New Year

As 2013 has come to a close, it leaves behind, as every year does, many memories. Many are good. Many are not. 365 days tends to cover a lot of ground. Here are a few thoughts, not just about food, […]

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Forcella – A New Neapolitan Pizza Contender in NYC

I hadn’t heard of Forcella, a new Neapolitan style pizzeria with two locations, one in Brooklyn and another on Bowery in Manhattan until I read this glowing report from Aaron Arizpe, aka Pocketfork. With fluid prose and moutwatering photos, Aaron made […]

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The Totality of Tocqueville

Though it recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, I had never made it to Tocqueville, the lovely Union Square area restaurant, until recently, when my wife and I were taken there by our good friends Joe & Donna Bavuso. […]

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These extremely fresh butterfish were purchased last weekend from the fishmonger at The Union Square Greenmarket. My friend, Joe Bavuso prepared them with a simple pan frying served with a little extra virgin olive oil, lemon and salt and […]

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Taste of the Week -August 16-23

When I am hanging around my friend Joe Bavuso, as my family and I did for the better part of the past week, I am sure to eat very, very well. He is simply the finest non-professional cook that I know. Now, my other non-professional cook friends should not take this as a slight. It is not. I have quite a few friends, who can cook really well and whose food I enjoy tremendously, but Joe is just that good.

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