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A Mother’s Love – Homage to My Mother on Her Cenetennial

Today marks the centennial of my mother’s birth. She’s not around to celebrate, having passed away 24 years ago, but her memory doesn’t fade from my mind or the minds of my siblings. We all enjoy good food and a […]

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A Family Affair at Frankie’s 570

Why do people go to restaurants? The most obvious answer is to eat and that is certainly true. There is little point in going to a restaurant if not to eat, but one does not necessarily need to go to a […]

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Cultural Evolution

The food set on the tables was all very familiar. It should have
been, as I had been eating it in one form or another all my life. Meat
in the gravy (Italian sausage, bracciole, and meatballs), macaroni,
stuffed mushrooms, ricotta, fresh mozzarella, […]

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