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The Docsconz Five Most Memorable Food Related Non Dining Moments of 2013 – No.3

Foraging in Chile – I was exhausted after an overnight flight from Atlanta to Santiago, but was quickly rejuvenated by the opportunity to go foraging on the rocky Chilean Coast with Chef Rodolfo Guzman, his sous chef, Tommy de Olarte […]

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Boragó – Tasting Chile’s Ancient Roots With A New Vision

Chile’s neighboring country of Peru has long been known for the seemingly infinite variety of native ingredients, many of which have been adopted and adapted by other cultures as part of the Columbian Exchange, in which products from the Americas […]

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Savoring the Exotic in Chile – Coastal Foraging With Boragó’s Rodolfo Guzman and Tommy de Olarte

Oxalis, strawberries, parsley, radishes and even samphire are hardly exotic elements of the pantry, unless they come from the Chilean coast. Here they relate to their cousins with similar names via taste, but they are decidedly different in terms of […]

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Sunday Photo – Foraging With Rodolfo Guzman in Chile

Chile is a long, narrow country with the Andes as its mountainous spine and miles and miles of rocky, untouched coastline, very little of which has been exploited for its endemic edible plants. Former professional competitive water skier turned world […]

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Oakland – A Bit of Brooklyn Out West

James Syhabout's newish restaurant, Commis, already has a Michelin star. It is a small, minimalist space with a central open kitchen, reasonable prices and intense, creative cooking. With the loss of Chez Panisse's star, Commis currently boasts the only […]

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