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R.I.P. Steven A. Shaw – aka “Fat Guy”

Few people outside of my family have made as much of a difference in my life as Steven Shaw. Steven, along with Jason Perlow, was one of the co-founders of eGullet.com, which went on to become the eGullet Society of […]

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Ten Years Ago Today…

…my life changed in a most unexpected way. It wasn’t a sudden sea change. It was a gradual process, albeit inexorable. It was ten years ago on this day that I joined eGullet.com (it subsequently became eGullet.org a while later […]

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Starchefs 2009 Day One: Chris Young & Nathan Myhrvold: Culinary Engineers

I first became acquainted (virtually) with Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, the former Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft and current CEO of Intellectual Ventures, a firm dedicated to creating and investing in inventions with culinary technology an important component of […]

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