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Starchefs ICC 2010: Dan Barber – Building Concepts

Either you pray at the mantle of the farmers market or you are dedicated to all these molecular chemicals. It’s a false divide, but the best of those molecular gastronomists do it in pursuit of flavor. Their transformations and experimentations lead us to understand food in a different way. What I’d like to talk about is doing those transformations/experimentations before you get into the kitchen. What I mean is you take a braised belly of lamb and instead of looking at a menu that looks at transforming that lamb into a delicious piece of meat, you think about growing that lamb from the ground up. We become participants in writing a recipe for flavor.

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CVap Chicken BBQ

Winston Industries' CVap is not just for professional kitchens, though they are quite popular there, for good reason. I have one even though it was not designed to be in a  residential kitchen. In fact, unless the kitchen is […]

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