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To Like Or Not To Like

Instead of posting an image today – I have nothing worthy or appropriate given the calamities of the past week – I am writing about images from others and my feelings towards them.
My family and our region were lucky this […]

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Sunday Photo – Family Dining

There is something special about dining “en famille.” Whether it is at home or in a restaurant, breaking bread with one’s close family members warms the heart. We do it as often as we can in my family, which unfortunately, […]

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Mast Brothers – A Chocolate Maker Grows in Brooklyn

Neither Rick nor Michael Mast had been chocolate makers before they started their Mast Brothers chocolate business. Rick had been chef and Michael a film-maker when they identified a niche for high quality, artisanal chocolate amongst all the other new […]

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Sunday Photo – Hot Chocolate at Mast Brothers

I recently visited the Mast Brothers Chocolate Tasting Room and Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where I literally felt like a kid in a candy store. Their bean to bar chocolate is world class and arguably the best produced in the […]

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Oakland – A Bit of Brooklyn Out West

James Syhabout's newish restaurant, Commis, already has a Michelin star. It is a small, minimalist space with a central open kitchen, reasonable prices and intense, creative cooking. With the loss of Chez Panisse's star, Commis currently boasts the only […]

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Dim Sum in Brooklyn – Park Asia

Brooklyn has changed a lot since I grew up there. Back then it seemed that the borough was dominated by a few different ethnic groups – African-American, Caribbean-American, Irish-American, Italian-American and Latin-American with additional groups less well represented, but still present. […]

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Spring – A Time of Renewal

Crocuses are amongst the first harbingers of spring, the very symbol of new life. This photo was taken this past Saturday, the first official day of spring. Ironically, this symbol of new life was photographed at the very lovely […]

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Thanks for Old Friends

It had been almost ten years since we were all together with our families in one place, that place being at my home in upstate, N.Y. Thanksgiving in Arizona had its own appeal and with the kind invitation and urging of Armando and his wife Suzanne, we all managed to get ourselves there.

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Cultural Evolution

The food set on the tables was all very familiar. It should have
been, as I had been eating it in one form or another all my life. Meat
in the gravy (Italian sausage, bracciole, and meatballs), macaroni,
stuffed mushrooms, ricotta, fresh mozzarella, […]

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