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Star Chefs ICC 2011 Day Two – A Personal Summary

Massimo Bottura, the chef whose restaurant Osteria Francescana was ranked number 4 in the ever controversial 2011 World’s Fifty Best Restaurantslist, opened the morning explaining his approach to Avant-Garde Italian food. He loves to tell stories and elicit emotion in his […]

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Submission at Mugaritz Part 2 – Desserts and Conclusion

For Part 1, please see this.
This was simply delicious in every respect. Even the rebellious, had they made it this far into the meal, would have found a reward here. This showed even more Asian influence and would not have […]

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elBulli is Dead! Long Live the elBulli Foundation!

It’s difficult to believe, but as the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” elBulli, as the world has known it,  came to a close this past Saturday night with a blowout dinner featuring many of the […]

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Paco Morales – A New Honeymoon


Having lunch at elBulli with our children was an unparalleled way to celebrate our marriage of 25 years, but this anniversary called for us to take a little time for ourselves. We took a drive down from Barcelona to Bocairent […]

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Madrid Fusión 2010

This time last year and the year before I was in Madrid attending the culinary wonderland known as Madrid Fusión. Unfortunately, this year I am unable to attend. Though shorter than previous years, the schedule looks exciting with presenters such […]

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Guest Post: Greg Kuzia-Carmel

(ed. note: Greg Kuzia-Carmel is a talented young cook from Albany, who is following a dream to be the best  chef that he can be. He is currently a stagiere at the restaurant Mugaritz in San Sebastien, Spain under the […]

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Madrid Fusion Day Two – Whither “Molecular Gastronomy?”

 The panel was moderated by José Carlos Capel and Juanma Bellver

Perhaps the biggest single most eagerly awaited discussion of the 2009 Madrid Fusión was that of the discussion between Ferran Adría, Heston Blumenthal, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Harold McGee and […]

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Sensational Senzone

Madrid Fusión was a spectacular mix of culinary personalities, theatrics and food, as usual. The ending of such an event is always somewhat bittersweet. In this case it was more sweet than bitter thanks in large part to a totally […]

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