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Getting the Drift – The Culture of Coffee in Print

With enough resources, many a good blogger could probably come out with a fairly compelling print magazine. Adam Goldberg, the main man behind Drift, a print magazine focusing on the culture of coffee, has plenty of resources, including some very […]

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Mmmmmm, Coffee….

I have always liked coffee, though my tastes and priorities have changed and evolved over the years. I started drinking coffee as a child in the ’60’s. Then the coffee I drank was awash with milk and sugar. I couldn’t […]

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Mission Chinese Food – Chinese American Firecracker!

The perfectly fried and plump chicken wing I bit into seemed like it carried on itself more Szechuan Peppercorn than I had previously eaten in my entire life. My lips, my throat, indeed it seemed as if my entire body […]

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Bringing the Sea to Mexico City – Part 1: Contramar

Mexico City may be landlocked, but Mexico has plenty of coastline and wonderful seafood. Much of the very best of it comes to two related restaurants in Mexico City – Contramar and MeroToro, both owned by the lovely Gabriela Cámara, […]

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Chefs Without Restaurants at Elements – The Dinner

I’ve been to many a guest chef dinners over the years. They are hit or miss and rarely as good as a chef’s cooking at his or her own restaurant, which is where I typically, I prefer to go to try a […]

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