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The Brilliance of Damon Baehrel

Make no mistake – chef/owner Damon Baehrel of his eponymous restaurant is an accomplished cook. His food is good, very good, but neither he nor his restaurant are brilliant because his food is revelatory or life changing. Delicious? Mostly, yes. […]

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My 17 Favorite Photos from Madrid Fusión 2016 Day Three

By day three of Madrid Fusion, between all the running around, not to mention the lack of sleep amidst the socializing, dining and drinking, I get pretty exhausted. Yet, the congress remains compelling, especially when the likes of the great […]

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The Docsconz Restaurant Wish List 2016 – An All-American Edition

Typically my list is a very international one, but to honor the landmark result of the US Team at the 205 Bocuse d’Or, I will stay within the bounds of the map of the United States for this list this […]

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Roots Action 2015

After returning home from attending the third annual Chef’s Garden Roots Conference, I feel akin to Moses coming down from the mountain after having received the tablets. The mountain being the Culinary Vegetable Institute in Milan, OH ( My-lin), and […]

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Getting the Drift – The Culture of Coffee in Print

With enough resources, many a good blogger could probably come out with a fairly compelling print magazine. Adam Goldberg, the main man behind Drift, a print magazine focusing on the culture of coffee, has plenty of resources, including some very […]

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The Cruelty of April

T.S. Eliot called April “the cruelest month.” I’m sure that he had a number of reasons for that pronouncement. One of them may or may not have been, that the month starts with April 1st, aka “April fools Day.” If […]

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Reflections on The Bocuse D’Or 2015

I have now attended each of the past four Bocuse d’Or competitions in Lyon starting in 2009 and each has been special in its own way, filled with hope and promise. This last one was best of all as the […]

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Travel Nightmares From AeroMexico – Airway Robbery

Anyone who might read this blog on a regular basis knows that I like to focus on the positive. I tend to write about what I really, really like. Typically, I don’t write negative reviews. There are exceptions, though, and […]

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Chocolate Musings

Tastes change. Perhaps it is more accurate to state, however, that tastes evolve over time. Some times that evolution comes full circle. Such has been the case for me when it comes to chocolate. I LOVE chocolate! I have always […]

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R.I.P. Steven A. Shaw – aka “Fat Guy”

Few people outside of my family have made as much of a difference in my life as Steven Shaw. Steven, along with Jason Perlow, was one of the co-founders of, which went on to become the eGullet Society of […]

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