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Getting the Drift – The Culture of Coffee in Print

With enough resources, many a good blogger could probably come out with a fairly compelling print magazine. Adam Goldberg, the main man behind Drift, a print magazine focusing on the culture of coffee, has plenty of resources, including some very […]

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R.I.P. Steven A. Shaw – aka “Fat Guy”

Few people outside of my family have made as much of a difference in my life as Steven Shaw. Steven, along with Jason Perlow, was one of the co-founders of, which went on to become the eGullet Society of […]

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The Art of The Iberian Pig – A Week in The Heart of Spanish Pork Country – Part 1 – Segovia and Avila

The eating of pork is taboo in some religious cultures, but for many others who eat animal flesh, the pig is widely considered the most delicious of meats. Few, if any, cultures have done more to enhance the ultimate deliciousness […]

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Mmmmmm, Coffee….

I have always liked coffee, though my tastes and priorities have changed and evolved over the years. I started drinking coffee as a child in the ’60’s. Then the coffee I drank was awash with milk and sugar. I couldn’t […]

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Cultured – A Pickle Shop in Berkeley – Part 3 – Cabbages and More

In Part 1 of this Conversation and Tasting with Kevin Farley, we discussed kombuchas. In Part 2, Kevin talked about his Indian lime pickles. Here, the topic turns to the bulk of what he does – fermented cabbages and other […]

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Cultured – A Pickle Shop in Berkeley – Part 1: Kombucha

Kevin Farley makes pickles, but not just any pickles. The pickles that Farley makes along with his wife are possibly the most creative and delicious across a wide spectrum of types that one is likely to find in the United […]

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Aubergine – Carmel Cool

While by no means exclusive to the West Coast, cool jazz is the style of jazz most closely associated with it, especially the sounds of Dave Brubeck, Chico Hamilton and Gerry Mulligan amongst others. Cool is a more laid back, […]

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Sunday Photo – Tryptophan

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Friends and family have congregated and dispersed and many turkeys, cranberries and pies have been eaten. With a feast like Thanksgiving, one of the great traditions is the post-prandial stupor. The amino acid tryptophan, […]

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Sunday Photo – Unexpected Pleasures

When I travel to eat I like to do my research and generally plan my meals in advance and go to restaurants that have caught my imagination in one way or another. Early this past week, returning from a culinary […]

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A Taste of Asia in Flushing: Part 1 – China

While the entire metropolitan area of New York City has wonderful ethnic foods of all kinds, Queens has become the epicenter of ethnic dining in the region. As part of this, Flushing has become the epicenter of Asian dining in […]

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