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Starchefs 2009 Day One: Chris Young & Nathan Myhrvold: Culinary Engineers

I first became acquainted (virtually) with Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, the former Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft and current CEO of Intellectual Ventures, a firm dedicated to creating and investing in inventions with culinary technology an important component of […]

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On the Farm – Mack Brook Grass Fed Beef

While Jablonski and Christensen have not pursued an organic designation secondary to the expense associated with obtaining it, the animals are raised in an organic fashion. Jablonski and Christensen do not use pesticides, herbicides or non-organic fertilizers on their land nor do they administer antibiotics or hormones to their animals.

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Harold McGee and His Berries: An Addendum

It seems that in my recent post looking at Harold McGee's technique for delaying and diminishing berry mold, I made the situation a bit more complex then it seems it needs to be. In a personal communication, posted here with […]

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McGee’s Berries

Yesterday morning, my wife brought home some raspberries from the Glens Falls Farmers market. Given that they were undoubtedly picked the day before and it had been raining all night, it was no surprise to discover mold already encroaching on […]

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TGRWT #18: Grilled Veal Chop with Blue Cheese/Plum Sauce

In my first look at the flavor combination of blue cheese and plums as suggested by Trig in his blog, Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef, I kept it very simple, as basic as it could be to see if I […]

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A Pair From 1991 – July 9th, 2009

Today is our son's 18th birthday, his last at home before he goes off to college. To celebrate, we opened a bottle of 1991 Dominus. The wine was beautiful, even though it was still big and bold with a […]

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CVap Chicken BBQ

Winston Industries' CVap is not just for professional kitchens, though they are quite popular there, for good reason. I have one even though it was not designed to be in a  residential kitchen. In fact, unless the kitchen is […]

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