John Sconzo

Photo Courtesy of Melissa Hom – Used with Permission

Originally from New York City and an Italian-American family to whom food was of utmost importance, I first learned to love the rural United States while in college at Dartmouth. Following Medical School at Columbia, where I met my lovely wife, we elected to move to Charlottesville, VA, where I completed a residency in Anesthesiology. Wanting our children to grow up on skis we moved to northern NY, where we have lived ever since.

With a willing wife, my interest in food and wine grew over the years. Initially my focus was on wine, but as my cellar grew and my ability to expand shrunk, that focus shifted more to food. With eclectic interests and tastes, we love nothing more than to travel around the world in search of great culinary and cultural experiences. It is particularly fun, when we can do so with our family of three sons.

Recently, I have partnered with my friend, Charles Grabitzky, to form Rascal + Thorn: Worldwide Gastronomic Experiences, a gastro-tourism business, creating guided culinary and whiskey tours, custom tours and a guest chef dinner series in Saratoga Springs, NY. Check us out if you want a culinary or whiskey tour that goes deep into the culinary culture of an area through contacts with the best in the business.