The Cruelty of April

T.S. Eliot called April “the cruelest month.” I’m sure that he had a number of reasons for that pronouncement. One of them may or may not have been, that the month starts with April 1st, aka “April fools Day.” If that wasn’t one of Eliot’s reasons, it very well should have been, as the twenty-four hour period is filled with pranks and jests on unsuspecting people as well as those more attuned to the rhythms of that particular day. I, yes me, am guilty of perpetuating just such a jest, luring in the unsuspecting with an announcement, that as it turns out, rather sadly for me and my family, really was nothing more than another April Fool’s joke.

For an April Fool’s joke to be good, it has to be fairly preposterous, yet have elements of believability. For anyone who knows me and my family and anyone who reads this blog with any regularity, it should be fairly obvious the esteem that we hold for the beautiful and delicious city of Barcelona. I truly, would love to live there and my son would truly love to play for the best soccer development program in the world. That we would want to do what I had written was certainly believable, but actually getting to do it? I am honored and humbled that anyone, let alone people who I like and respect so much, might have considered yesterday’s announcement to have been the least bit plausible. To me, as much as I would love that it were true, every aspect of it, it was simply preposterous and meant to be self-deprecating. If I offended anyone, I apologize, but I also want to thank all who actually believed it possible and also those who laughed at the joke and understood it as such. Of course, most of the “likes” were probably from people happy to see us go!

For better or worse, I have posted an April Fools post for the past few years. I may or may not do so again in the future, but if I do post on that date in the future, it will likely be another.

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