The Making of My Favorite Cocktail of 2014 – Betony’s Milk Punch

Eamon Rockey at Betony

Eamon Rockey at Betony

I’ve enjoyed cocktails for a long time, but 2014 was a watershed year for me, both in making and drinking cocktails. It is fun to experiment creating new cocktails and it is even more fun to drink them, especially when they are well made. As much fun as I have making them, though, the best bartenders at the top of their games make me stand in awe. None humbled me more in 2014 than the Milk Punch at Betony as made by Eamon Rockey. Milk Punch appears to be in vogue nationally and I had and enjoyed a few at various venues around the country. While a number of them were very good, none approached the complexity, clarity, beauty and deliciousness of the ones I experienced at Betony. I asked Rockey, the General Manager of Betony if he would show me how they made the clarified cocktail. He graciously agreed and here is the result.  My editing skills being what they are, the video is not brief, but I suspect that it will be of interest to those who are curious about what goes into a truly artisanal bar program.

Betony’s Milk Punch from John Sconzo on Vimeo.

Original music, “Hey, B.B. (Take 2), is composed and played by my nephew, Lucas Sconzo for this video.

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