Husk – A Look Behind The Scenes

Husk GM Dan Latimer

Husk GM Dan Latimer

After a fabulous meal at Husk this past October, I and my friend, Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog, who had been dining there that evening with his family, had the pleasure of a behind the scenes tour of the restaurant with Husk GM, Dan Latimer. In terms of approach, quality and volume, the restaurant that Husk most reminds me of is Baltimore’s Woodberry Kitchen under Chef/Owner Spike Gjerde.


Sean Brock and the crew at Husk has become known for their heritage animal meats with exceptional aging results.


In house curing is something they take great pride in and deservedly so.

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These pigs’ ears are getting smoked for a house signature dish.

BU4A4918Nothing like some great bacon.

BU4A4909 BU4A4921The cooking at Husk uses plenty of traditional techniques, but Modernist cooking has its place too. Here, pork belly and shoulder is put together with Activa meat glue, wrapped and cooked in an immersion circulator to make a porchetta equivalent dish that is always moist and flavorful. At the time they were talking about gluing chicken skin on the outside to get the nice skin crunch of a good porchetta.

BU4A4935 eelsSeafood is important at Husk too and many of the same techniques used for meat are applied to some seafood products. Here, eel from the Gulf of Mexico has been barbecued and smoked.

BU4A4923 BU4A4930 BU4A4927 BU4A4937 BU4A4940Don’t forget the vegetables and the products that are made from them. They don’t forget them at Husk either.


Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog was as impressed as I was.

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