The Docsconz Five Most Memorable Food Related Non Dining Moments of 2013 – No. 2

Dusk in Dranouter

Dusk in Dranouter

Snowy Night Drive From Belgium to France – We were supposed to have lunch at In de Wulf then head to La Grenouillère to spend the night. Unfortunately, we had a hard time finding our car rental location in Zwolle, Holland and with bad weather, a strange car, and a longer distance than anticipated, that was not going to happen as planned. I called In de Wulf. They were able to fit us into the evening dinner service, but could not come up with a room. We went ahead. Knowing that my son and I would have to drive through unfamiliar frigid and snowy country roads to get from In de Wulf to La Grenouillère at night after our dinner at In de Wulf somehow didn’t ruin an amazing dinner, though it did keep it from being as totally enjoyable as it otherwise would have been. Somehow we made it without getting stuck in the swirling drifts. I will never forget that ride, but ultimately, it was worth it on both ends. The photo above was taken shortly before dinner. Taking out a camera during the night drive, was the last thing on my mind!

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