New York and the Spanish Table – Recipes from the Best – Part 5: El Quinto Pino

Chef Alex Raij at El Quinto Pino

Chef Alex Raij at El Quinto Pino

El Quinto Pino is one of several restaurants owned and run by Alexandra Raij and Eder Montero, a husband and wife team that have been instrumental in securing a positive reputation for Spanish cuisine in NYC. In addition to El Quinto Pino, the couple also cook at the Basque themed Txikito and the Moorish and Jewish influenced La Vara in Brooklyn. Here they share a recipe from El Quinto Pino for a Madrileño classic, a dish that I have had and enjoyed at the legendary Casa Lucio, the inspiration behind the recipe.

Huevo estrellados

Photo courtesy of Chef Alex Raij - El Quinto Pino

Photo courtesy of Chef Alex Raij – El Quinto Pino

El Quinto Pino NYC
Printed with permission of Alex Raij and Eder Montero
All rights reserved

Inspired by many visits to Casa Lucio Madrid, these simple fried eggs are great for a hangover or mid day meal with a beer
They are basically deep fried sunny side up eggs with chorizo and fried potato chips and then cut with scissors so they ooze all over

In diner parlance it would be. 2 eggs, sunny side up on chips, wreck em

Six inch fry pan ( if it’s bigger you’ll need more oil)
2 onces kettle chips or very good sea salt potato chips
1 oz chorizo cut in small pieces
1/4 cup fruity olive oil
2 pastured eggs the best you can get

Place chips on an oval plate crunching em bit
Heat chorizo on low heat with oil
When it weeps out red fat bump up heat to medium high and add the eggs
Working quickly baste the eggs all around the yolk with the olive oil
you’re going for Lacey golden eggs with large pillowy bubbles and a warm but yellow and loose yolk,
Transfer the eggs and chorizo bits to the bed of broken chips with a spider blotting excess oil on a kitchen towel
Season yolks with sea salt and break them with a scissors in an ex pattern just before serving


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