New York and the Spanish Table – Recipes from the Best – Part 3: Casa Mono

BU4A9277A small restaurant with plenty of old wood and an open kitchen, Casa Mono transports the diner to Madrid. I could easily picture the space on a small Madrid side street with customers coming in and out to taste their specialties and converse over a caña, a cocktail or a jerez. The place exudes atmosphere and excellent food from around Spain as well as from the creative minds of the chefs behind the restaurant. Here are two recipes from the restaurant that reflect its dual nature. The first is a traditional recipe for salt cod fritters aka croquetas de bacalao. The second is a creative dish featuring one of my favorite ingredients – sweetbreads.

Bacalao Croquettes.


500g Riced peeled russet potatoes 500g soaked flaked Salt cod 100g Bachamel Sauce Salt Pepper to taste 150g bread crumbs Eggs and flour for breading Orange Aioli 2 egg yolks Juice of 10 oranges reduced by 3/4 Orange Zest 1 cup Blended oil 2 tb white vinegar

In a stand mixer whip potatoes and salt cod with bachamel.   Cool. Using plastic wrap, roll out 50g tubes of mixture.  Make tight torchons of equal diameter throughout tube.  Freeze torchons Cut torchons into three inch logs. Freeze. Stardard breading procedure.  Cool.  Fry until golden brown

In a food processor combine eggs, reduction, zest, and vinegar.   Begin to blend while streaming in blended oil carefully so as to not break emulsion.  Add salt to season.  Reserve To serve.  Smear a dollop of orange aioli on plate.  Top with fried croquettes.  Garnish with a bit of orange zest.



2 lbs Sweetbreads 2 c  Marcona Almonds 1 c  Almond Oil ¼ c Sherry vinegrar ½ lb Baby Fennel 1 Tb Anchovy Paste 1 Tb Anisette Almond Flour to dredge

Clean and Blanch Sweetbreads for  approx 1 minute. Trim Sweetbreads into bite size pieces Blanch Baby fennel until slightly tender.  In a hot pan sauté fennel with anchovy paste until caramelized.  Deglaze with anisette.   Reserve. In a deep casserole heat enough oil to deepfry to 375 degrees.  Dredge Sweetbreads in almond flour and deep fry until golden brown.

Almond vinaigrette. Pulse almonds in a food processor until slightly chunky.   In a bowl add processed almonds, almond oil, sherry vinegar and salt to season reserve. To serve.   Place warm fennel on bottom of plate.  Top with fried sweetbreads and spoon over Almond vinaigrette.  Garnish with Fennel Fronds

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