Mmmmmm, Coffee….

I have always liked coffee, though my tastes and priorities have changed and evolved over the years. I started drinking coffee as a child in the ’60’s. Then the coffee I drank was awash with milk and sugar. I couldn’t comprehend how my father would drink his black and I didn’t understand how he could drink espresso at all (unless it had anisette in it). As I got older and advanced in school, coffee became a habit thanks to its stimulant effects. The amount of sugar I used started to decline as did the milk. I began to actually enjoy it black and I began to enjoy espresso too.

For years, I enjoyed coffee and enjoyed making it at home. Typically, we used a simple coffee maker, then I started getting into French Press and discovered the old family Moka Pot. Then a few years ago, I thought that perhaps I had come to rely on coffee too much and I gave it up for a while. I gave it up until I started discovering through friends like Adam Goldberg (A Life Worth Eating) and Joe Bavuso, that well made, top quality coffee is really one of life’s great pleasures. Coffee is now worth drinking not because it is a stimulant, but because it can, in the right circumstances, be very, very delicious. The stimulating effects aren’t all bad either.


Chemex in action

Chemexes in action

I’m still looking to rediscover the old Moka Pot and the French Press is still in my arsenal, but we have added the wonderful Chemex, the excellent V60 and the miraculous Aeropress to our arsenal of techniques and devices.

Pouring the water

Take the Plunge with an Aeropress!

Take the Plunge with an Aeropress!

The easy to use and wonderfully reliable Aeropress has become my daily morning go-to method. It is fast, easy and makes a great cup. If it has a disadvantage, it is only that it makes only a cup or so at a time.

It has helped to know that some of my favorite coffee brands like Blue Bottle, Counter Culture, Puro, Sightglass and Stumptown that I enjoy for the superior quality of their beans, all source their product through either Fair Trade or Direct Trade ensuring a fair and reasonable price for the coffee growers. The websites linked to above also have good brewing guides for the various methods of brewing and recommendations of specific coffees for each. These are a hand full of companies and there more every day that are doing the same. This is a very good time to be a coffee drinker. Enjoy!


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  1. caravan70 says:

    Don’t forget Graffeo (Columbus Avenue in North Beach). They only offer a couple of blends, but each one is delicious. They’re available through mail order, which I use if I’m not in SF for a couple of months.

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