The Docsconz 2014 Wish List

2013 was an unparalleled year for me in hitting restaurants on the top ten of my annual wish list. I managed to dine at a full 60% or 6 out of ten of them. Though I would love to return to each and every one of them, Boragó (2), Saison (3), L’Air du Temps (4), In de Wulf (5), La Grenouillere (8) and DiverXo (10) are all now disqualified from this annual flight of desire for restaurants I have yet to experience. Others from my Honorable Mention List including De Librije, Husk, Pearl and Ash and Manzanilla are also exempt. In previous years I have refrained from including restaurants that are literally on the other side of the globe, but this year I will  now include the full global cornucopia of restaurants. The one caveat is that even though I do not include the country of Japan in the list, it is the country that I haven’t yet been to that I would most like to visit and experience.

  1. Willows Inn – From what I hear, a true contender for best restaurant in the USA.
  2. Faviken – The trick is getting there.
  3. D.O.M – Been on this list for years.
  4. Yaguar – Should open this spring, Albert Adria’s foray into Mexican cooking will be dynamite like everything else he does.
  5. Pakta – It is the one Adria restaurant currently in existence to which I have not yet been.
  6. Shields/DC – John Shields is one of my favorite chefs. If his restaurant planned for Georgetown opens in 2014 as expected, I will be there.
  7. Restaurant David Toutain – I missed his earlier endeavors, but I don’t want to miss his newly opened, eponymous Paris restaurant.
  8. Attica – Australia as a whole intrigues me with Ben Shewry’s spot most of all.
  9. Relae – I really need to get back to Copenhagen. Relae is one of many Copenhagen restaurants I really must get to.
  10. Hartwood – My interest was piqued when I met Chef/Owner Eric Werner at Cook it Raw Charleston.

Honorable Mentions: Raymond’s (New Foundland), The Sportsman (England), Yusho (Chicago), El Ideas (Chicago), Grace (Chicago), Daikaya (DC), Rose’s Luxury (DC), Atelier Crenn (San Francisco), Oxheart (Houston), Azurmendi (Spain), Elkano (Spain), Quintonil (Mexico), Amass (Copenhagen), Geist (Copenhagen), Maamo (Norway), Frantzen (Sweden), Victor’s Schloss Berg (Germany), Uberfahrt (Germany), Vintage Cave (Hawaii), Estela (NYC), NoMad (NYC). These are but a few…

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