Sunday Photo – RIP Judy Rodgers

Oysters at Zuni Cafe - March 2006

Oysters at Zuni Cafe – March 2006

Judy Rodgers, the chef/owner of one of San Francisco’s most beloved and most iconic restaurants died this past week from cancer. She was one of the major driving forces behind the development and popularization of what has come to be known as “California Cuisine.” Though I never had the pleasure of meeting her, I have eaten at her wonderful restaurant. Somehow, though, I missed having her signature roast chicken. She was just a little bit older than me, which like the death of Charlie Trotter, hits too close to home. In case you haven’t read them, here are two particularly beautiful obituaries, one by Russ Parsons for the L.A. Times and the other by Eric Asimov for The New York Times. They tell her story much better than I can.

The whole world also lost one of the most remarkable individuals to have ever walked the planet – Nelson Mandela. I stood inside his cell on Robbin Island near Cape Town. For him to be the leader that he was defies belief. RIP to a truly great man.

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2 Responses to Sunday Photo – RIP Judy Rodgers

  1. Suzane says:

    Beautifully said for both individuals. It is so hard to say goodbye during what should be our joyous season

    • docsconz says:

      Thank you, Suzane. Agreed, especially for Judy Rodgers, who’s death is more tragic given that she was in what should have been the prime of her life. Mandela’s death is a huge loss for the world, but was inevitable given his age and medical conditions. Sad because it marked the end of a truly great man, but not because his death was tragic.

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