Sunday Photo – Pouring Wine at El Colmado


First things first, my son, L.J. Sconzo, works at El Colmado as well as Tertulia, the NYC Spanish restaurants helmed by Chef Seamus Mullen. I had lunch at the recently opened El Colmado in the brand new Gotham West Market on 11th Avenue between 44th and 45th Streets in Manhattan. It was particularly cool, because, L.J. was my server. Because of a clear bias, I will not delve into the particulars of the meal other than to say that it happened to be really, really good. I wasn’t going to post at all on this meal, but I happen to really love this photo. Of all the photos I have taken and posted, it is one of my favorites. The rest of my photos from this lunch can be found on Flick’r.

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3 Responses to Sunday Photo – Pouring Wine at El Colmado

  1. Aidan Gould says:

    Awesome picture

  2. Suzane says:

    Lovely! We did make it to the city, but due to the weather uncertainty did not make reservations for dinner. Ended up at an upper East side community loved establishment called Uva. Italian fare with the nicest staff ever.

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