Sunday Photo – Capital Region Coffee Collective


The coffee culture in the US is really taking off and by that, I mean a true sophistication with an educated consumer base. The scene in NYC has been burgeoning for some time and my recent trip to San Francisco and the Bay Area was awash with great brews. I am thrilled to report that that culture is growing in the area in which I live too, the Capital Region of New York State. I recently attended a very successful first public event at The Lucas Confectionary in Troy, NY, put together by some of the area’s top coffee professionals, organized under the heading of The Capital Region Coffee Collective. Matthew Loiacono (Uncommon Grounds), Ron Grieco (Tierra Coffee Roasters), Jessica Jenkins and Luen Proft (The Lucas Confectionary) created an educational program that was centered around tasting the differences between the same beans roasted to three different end-points – light, medium and dark. They roasted the beans sourced from Colombia and prepared the different roasts with the same grind in exactly the same way with Chemex  carafes and filters. The light roast showed the most fruit nuance, while the dark was heaviest in bitter notes. It was an eye-opening way to understand how the roasts actually translate into flavor. Future events are planned and I for one anticipate them with enthusiasm.

See my Flick’r Photoset for more photos from this event.

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