Happy Thanksgiving – The Four F’s!

Thanksgiving Dinner 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner 2012

Family, Friends, Food and (for many) Football. Thanksgiving remains the purest of holidays as it is one that brings people together to remember, to respect and, of course, to share a meal. It is a day of introspection and conviviality, a day to give thanks for all one’s blessings and a day to remember those who don’t share those same blessings. For me, it has become a day, in particular, to remember my parents. My mother passed away on Thanksgiving Day twenty-one years ago and my father within a week of the holiday seventeen years ago. Nine years ago, my mother-in-law passed away two days before. My father-in-law left us earlier this year, not on Thanksgiving, but he is remembered here as well. These passings could make the holiday a maudlin one for my family and if it was any holiday other than Thanksgiving, it probably would be. With Thanksgiving, however, it makes me look at all that our family has had to be thankful for, especially the people who put us in a position to have much to be thankful for. We remember and we celebrate. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. anche a PARMA abbiamo festeggiato con tre tacchini giganti !!!!

  2. Suzane says:

    While we reminisced about the amazing Thanksgiving last year with your family, friends and great food, we had a wonderful one this year at our home. Daughter Alex was home for the first time in five years, our nephew joined us as did an old friend and two new friends. We had traditional, vegan and raw food plates, cider, wine and water to wet the pipes. This is my favorite holiday of all for the four F’s you already mentioned.

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