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Sunday Photo – Take Me Home Country Roads

August and September are my two favorite months of the year where I live. If there are no hurricanes, the weather can be and has been idyllic with warm, sunny days and cool, starry nights. The local produce is at […]

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Sunday Photo – On the Water

Summer is about water and sun. I am fortunate to live in a region of abundant water. While sunshine is not quite as plentiful, when the two come together, it is an area second to none as a place of […]

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GMO’s and “Science”

It seems that many who stand in support of  GMO’s have staked the claim that those who oppose GMO’s and other aspects of modern food production technology are “anti-science.” While that may be true of some or perhaps even many […]

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Sunday Photo – Forever Farmland

This blog is mostly about food. I love good food. It is one of life’s greatest pleasures, a source of health and something that tends to bind people together. To have good food, though, we require good product and good […]

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Cocktails With Scents

Aroma is an important component of any worthwhile culinary experience. One cannot fully appreciate a meal without a sense of smell. Mandy Aftel, a Berkeley, California based perfumer and friend of such culinary luminaries as Daniel Patterson, Harold McGee, David […]

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Sunday Photo – Blackberries

I’m lucky to live in an area loaded with quality food producers of all kinds. As with most locales the wealth of food is greatest in the summer months. Berries are just one of the treats this time of year […]

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The Pastry Artistry of Antonio Bachour at The J&G Grill and The St.Regis Bal Harbour Resort

I first came across Antonio Bachour‘s work during the 2nd annual StarChef’s Pastry Competition in 2011. Bachour was one of three finalists. His work was visually very impressive. From that time on, I began to notice and see more and […]

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