Sunday Photo – Unexpected Pleasures


When I travel to eat I like to do my research and generally plan my meals in advance and go to restaurants that have caught my imagination in one way or another. Early this past week, returning from a culinary based trip to New England with my son, we found ourselves in Schenectady, NY for his soccer practice before heading home. About an hour away by car from where we live, I don’t frequent the city and am relatively ignorant as to what is available there. Fortunately, however, I have friends who are not ignorant. In particular my friend Daniel Berman, the man behind the wonderful Albany, NY- centric food blog , Fussy Little Blog¹, knows the food of the NY Capitol District and has done a great job on his blog of finding local gems. When I asked him if there was an outstanding restaurant in Schenectady, his immediate response was Tara Kitchen, which specializes in Moroccan cuisine. I took his recommendation and discovered (not surprisingly) that it was right on the  money. Tara Kitchen is located in downtown Schenectady, a proud city whose best days so far have been in the past. It is a small restaurant with friendly staff and dynamite food. I had  grilled, skewered ground lamb for an appetizer and a tagine of chicken with preserved lemon and green olives. Both were superb. This was a meal that was totally unexpected when I started my day, but it was also totally satisfying. My son is new to this Schenectady based soccer club, but I expect to visit Tara with some regularity should he continue playing with the club.

¹ Alas, Daniel, his family and his blog are moving temporarily to Princeton, N.J. His voice will be missed up here for as long as he is away.

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  1. suzanne says:

    shhhh we want to keep Tara’s our special place! Only kidding of course. Couldn’t agree more and it is worth a trip to the Electric City for even those who don’t have a kid on the local soccer team. 🙂
    Sorry to hear Daniel has moved to Princeton and wish him and his family well. His blog was a nice addition to the culinary scene of the capital district.

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