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“Life is too short to drink bad wine” or to eat bad food. That is a motto that I have tried to adhere to since my twenties. Eating well has been a priority for me for the bulk of my life. The problem is that adhering to it isn’t always easy.


I’m not getting any younger, but with some recent changes, I believe that I am getting healthier. I still eat what I want when I want, but I have recently instituted some major changes to allow me to continue do that. I try not to worry about what I eat because, as readers of this blog may sense, I eat a varied diet and I try to eat quality ingredients whenever I can. Even so, I, like everyone, must make some concessions to aging. Good food is too important to me and changing my diet to follow the latest dietary fads is not an option. I believe in the old maxim that I learned from my father – “anything and everything in moderation.”


I’ve had diabetes for fourteen years and until last year, I managed with oral medications. Unfortunately, though, diabetes is a progressive disease and it had become more and more difficult for me to control it, especially with my priorities and life style. A year ago, I started with insulin injections. That helped considerably, but, if I was going to be on insulin, I wanted to make it work as well as possible. This spring I started on an insulin pump along with a continuous blood glucose monitor. These have been a boon! I should have been doing both long ago. It is so much better and easier than other modalities for controlling diabetes.

Scott Rabine of Spartan Fitness

Scott Rabine of Spartan Fitness

The other concession that I have made is instituting a workout regimen with a personal trainer. Thanks to the urging of one of my colleagues, Scott Podolsky, I started working out with Scott Rabine, the owner of Spartan Fitness in Glens Falls, NY.


Since I got burned out running track and cross country in high school, I had never been one to exercise for its own sake. I always enjoyed being active with sports such as cycling, skiing, hiking, etc., but could never bring myself to starting a regimen of simple exercise. As I have been getting older, I have remained active, but less and less involved in the activities I had grown up with. It became apparent to me, that if I wanted to continue the lifestyle to which I had become accustomed, I would need to change this, so earlier this spring  I contacted Rabine and started working with him. I had been dreading the idea that the trainer would immediately try to “kill” me. I was pleasantly surprised though that Rabine worked with me to help me start and advance at a reasonable pace. Because of this, I have been able to advance to more challenging workouts and actually look forward to the next one when I am done. It helps that he is flexible with times and has just opened a sparkling new gym to work out in. The best parts though, are that I feel stronger, and have more energy and better endurance. Expending the calories also helps me with blood sugar control. This is another thing I should have begun long ago.


For any readers who live or work in the greater Glens Falls area, mention this post for a free visit and trial. You will thank me later!

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5 Responses to Fit For Food

  1. suzanne says:

    Super news (not the diabetes part), but how you are embracing what is you and what is available to keep you going!

    Couldn’t agree more–time is short, eat well! 🙂

  2. Rocky says:

    Kudos, John. Keep up the good work. This reinforces my own need to return to workout regime that will support lifestyle choices that include foods that have been a part of my life and profession for a long time. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Congrats Doc, thank you for your continued transparency in all you do. You’ve been great for the restaurant industry but also a role model as a dad, I’ve met your boys, in life and through your blog, and you have great kids. I’m sure they like the idea of you being around for as long as possible. Continued success and hope to see you at ICC.


    • docsconz says:

      Thank you, Pat, for your kind words. Continued success to you too! I’m looking for an opportunity to get back to Chicago and Trencherman is one of my destinations! If I don’t make it out before, I’ll see you in NYC.

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