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Sam is back! It is great to see Sam Mason back in the kitchen doing desserts. He says, “It’s only ice cream,” but anyone who knows Sam or has had his desserts, knows better. OddFellows, a collaboration between Sam and the husband and wife team of Mohan and Holiday Kumar, just opened this past Thursday. It is still a bit of a work in progress as tables just arrived and their house made sodas have yet to, but the early tastes are quite promising indeed. I visited following the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party. We tasted most of the ice creams and a coffee egg cream (it is in Brooklyn!). So far, the flavors are mostly standard with a few exceptions like chorizo caramel, cornbread, maple-bacon pecan and buttermilk, blueberry and honey. Sam promises more new, novel and delicious combinations are on the way including flavored house made waffle cones.  The space is wonderful, large and light with an old-time soda fountain counter on one end and the spacious, state of the art work room visible behind the main ice cream counter. Sam and the Kumars have enlisted some high powered help to get them started including the likes of Johnny Iuzzini and Pam Yung amongst others. This is one ice cream parlor I look forward to following.

Sam Mason and Mohan Kumar at the counter with a coffee egg cream

Sam Mason and Mohan Kumar at the counter with a coffee egg cream

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