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Sunday Photo – Jim White

My father-in-law, the last of my sons’ grandparents, died this week. He was a good man, who I was proud to know and have as my father-in-law. At 87 and 3/4 years old and in hospice care when he died, […]

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I Spy Priorat, a Wine Expo in Rural Catalonia

This year marked the second occurrence of the biennial (i.e., every other year) Espai Priorat International Exhibition of DOCa Priorat Wines, hosted by none other than the Regulatory Council of the Qualified Designation of Origin Priorat and coordinated by a […]

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L’Arpege – Lasting Impressions

The Adria brothers of elBulli and Rene Redzepi of noma have been the most visibly influential individual chefs of the past twenty years, while Japanese cuisine has undoubtedly been the single most influential cuisine of that time period. However, no discussion […]

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Notice – FotoMoto For Photo Purchases Is No Longer Active on This Site

Unfortunately, what had until relatively recently been a very useful service for selling photos as prints, notecards and even e-cards, FotoMoto, appears to be crumbling. As a result, I am no longer offering this service on this site. If you […]

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Sunday Photo – Welcome Summer!

This past Friday marked the summer solstice meaning that we have officially entered the summer season. It is a time for beautiful flowers, bright skies and brilliant food. Real tomatoes, local corn and so much more are just around the […]

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Sunday Photo – Happy Father’s Day!

Cheers to all the fathers out there! I had a special one who I miss very much. I try to be a good on for my sons. I have also been lucky with a special father-in-law. It is a special […]

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Highlights From The Big Apple Barbecue Block Party 2013

Brisket, ribs, sausages, whole hog, pork shoulder, cracklings, Mint Juleps, slaw, Bloody Marys, Alabama seafood – it was all there, enough to turn one relatively small park in NYC into the center of the American South for one whole weekend […]

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Sunday Photos – OddFellows

Sam is back! It is great to see Sam Mason back in the kitchen doing desserts. He says, “It’s only ice cream,” but anyone who knows Sam or has had his desserts, knows better. OddFellows, a collaboration between Sam and […]

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The Big Apple BBQ Block Party is Back!

Crazy, fun and chock full of some of the best Q around, the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party organized by Danny Meyer and his crew at Union Square Hospitality Group is back for another go this weekend! See here for […]

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Foods From Chile – The Wines: Part One- Viñedos de Alcohuaz

I have never seen bluer skies than the sky I saw in northern Chile’s Elqui Valley, high up in the Andes. The sky is so clear, the area of the Atacama Desert (the Elqui Valley is at the southern edge […]

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