Sunday Photo – The Incredible Hulk


This is the roller coaster that did me in. I have been a fan of roller coasters for as long as I can remember. I grew up on The Cyclone in Coney Island and in more recent years, I enjoyed another rickety wooden roller coaster – The Comet at The Great Escape near where I live. During my recent trip to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando I rode the dueling Dragon Challenge twice and then rode The Incredible Hulk a bit later. Both had twists, turns and plenty of upside-down loops. The Incredible Hulk had the most thrilling take-off that I have ever experienced in a coaster as it literally sling-shot the coaster over the top lip to a near vertical descent. It was fast and it was jarring. The speed I could stomach, but it was the jarring nature of the ride that bounced my head around and ultimately convinced me that roller coasters like this are the province of those younger than I.

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