Culinary Pilgrimages: Part 5 – A Foray Into Northern France


The drive started out easily enough. The night was cold, but it was dry. Fortified with coffee, I was wide awake. As we made our way into the French countryside, there was hardly another vehicle on the road. With powder on the ground and a quick breeze in the air, the ground powder often found itself assuming new locations, especially in the wide open fields and roads that bisected them. I had visions, as we would drive through snow drifts in desolate areas of getting stuck or worse. After quite a bit of white knuckle driving, we eventually made it to La Grenouillere, where we were welcomed into the happy site of a warm room with a warm bed.


We enjoyed the best night’s sleep of the trip to that point, taking advantage of not having to be anywhere at any particular time that morning. We took a breakfast in our room that consisted of breads, fruit, yogurt and hot chocolate and lingered lazily though what remained of the morning.


In the afternoon, we took a trail from the hamlet of Madeleine sur Montreuil, where La Grenouillere is located up to the beautiful, fortified town of Montreuil sur Mer.


After a walk along the ramparts and through the atmospheric French streets, we made our way back to our car to head to the seaside resort of Touquet. There, we took a stroll along the beach in low tide, observing the wind racers and the wind riders and just appreciating the beauty of the sun setting over the English Channel.

Chef Alexandre Gauthier

Chef Alexandre Gauthier

Dinner was relaxed and delicious as we sat in the supremely comfortable and beautiful modern dining room and enjoyed Chef Alex Gauthier’s transformative French cuisine. It was a pleasure just knowing that we had but to step outside the dining room and we could step into our room for the night. Much more to come on this fine meal.

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