Breaking News: LitFest -The Irish Go a Bit MAD

Ballymaloe House courtesy of Ballymaloe House

Ballymaloe House courtesy of Ballymaloe House

I wish I knew about this earlier, but I just found out about LitFest at the Ballymaloe House. Taking place from May 3-6 at Ballymaloe House and Cooking School in Shanagarry, County Cork, Ireland, the event will be a combination of literary exploration, cooking, foraging and eating with such luminaries as Myrtle Allen, Darina Allen, Alice Waters, David Thompson, Madhur Jaffrey, Claus Meyer, David Tanis, Jancis Robinson, Sandor Katz and many more participating in the MAD-like festivities.

For more information click on the link above for the website, here for facebook or follow them on Twitter. Tickets are on sale as of today! Tickets for MAD #3 in Copenhagen are also now available. email Ali at for tickets or accreditation.

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