Sunday Photo – Lucy

BU4A2855We had an extra pet in our home for the holidays. Lucy, my brother’s dog, had a vacation with my family and our animals, while my brother and his son (Docsconz contributor Lucas Sconzo) spent the holidays visiting friends in Germany and Switzerland. Lucy is a fine dog, who listens, gets along well with other dogs and cats and leaves the food on the counters where it belongs! They’re now back and she is now back home with them. My family and our pets will miss her!

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2 Responses to Sunday Photo – Lucy

  1. suzanne says:

    Those kind of pets are always welcome additions. Too bad not everyone’s pets are like Lucy…..but again we could the same thing about human visitors as well!

    • docsconz says:

      I actually wasn’t real excited about her visit at first, thinking she might upset a delicate balance. She turned out to be a very good guest!

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