StarChefs ICC 2012 – Chocolate Innovations – Francisco Migoya


It was a real treat to have a front row seat watching Francisco Migoya at work – crafting beautiful and delectable chocolate creations with precise technique and imaginative design. Migoya presented three main platforms for innovation: rethinking chocolate’s base ingredients, format, redefining the dessert’s shape and form, and flavor, which was  this demonstration’s focus.


The science of chocolate was at the forefront of Migoya’s presentation – beginning with an expert demonstration of tempering chocolate – the process of folding over batches of liquid white and dark chocolate over a marble countertop, carefully monitoring its falling temperature with every few strokes.


It was evident from his layered Chocolate Ganache Cube, triangular angel food and praline stuffed Entremet, to his spherical White Chocolate layered ganache dome, there is no geometric limitation to  what Migoya considers “chocolate bar”. With his particular attention to color and micro-detail, Miyoga’s delicate precision had an incredible visual impact.

Francisco Migoya's Red Velvet Cake bon bons

Migoya also showcased some of his flavor-driven innovations – an inventive aromatically flavored chocolate, by which flavor is infused into his chocolate using a Deadhead-standard volcano vaporizer. [FLAVOR PROFILE IS 80% aroma] – I was able to snag a sample of his Cinnamon-Scented Eggnosh Brioche Bar, along with some Golden Puffed Rice Bar – and I can vouch for the fact that Miyoga’s chocolate tastes just as good as it looks.


All photos by John M. Sconzo, M.D.

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