Bocuse d’Or 2013 – The Winner is…. France!

France's Thibaut Ruggeri Wins Gold

France’s Thibaut Ruggeri Wins Gold

Chef Thibaut Ruggeri of France produced sensationally beautiful Fish plates and an incredible meat platter to win the 2013 Bocuse d’Or and propel France back to the Gold Medal. Jeppe Foldager of Denmark took the Silver and Noriyuki Hamada of Japan the Bronze, leading Japan to a first ever Podium finish. The United States with Chef Richard Rosendale came in a respectable 7th place.

Thibaut Ruggeri in action

Thibaut Ruggeri in action

In the past, Fish, like Meat, was put on a platter. This year, though, the rule was changed and it was served plated, as in a restaurant.

Thibaut Ruggeri's Fish Plate en Cloche

Thibaut Ruggeri’s Fish Plate en Cloche

Ruggeri’s Fish Plate came under a cloche.

20130130-BU4A7131Meat, in this case Irish Beef, was served on a platter then plated, as in a restaurant.

France's Meat Platter

France’s Meat Platter

As a tribute to Paul Bocuse that surely generated sympathy from the judges, France also prepared a large Truffle Soup, a signature dish of Paul Bocuse.

Truffle Soup

Truffle Soup

The Meat Platter and plate were spectacular. Thomas Keller, who sat judging Meat during the competition, called Ruggeri’s Platter, “the best, by far.”

Ruggeri's Meat Plate

Ruggeri’s Meat Plate




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