Sunday Photo – My Best Purchase of 2012

The Big Green Egg is the best cooking tool that I have ever used. I purchased it this past August from Adirondack Appliance in Saratoga Springs, NY and have been using it ever since. I got it just in time for a visit from Alex and Aki and Amaya of Ideas in Food. In the photo above, Alex Talbot was helping me break the oven in. That first dinner, we grilled squid, corn, green beans, onions, salmon and probably a couple of other things. Since then I’ve roasted whole fish, baked pizzas, finished a Thanksgiving turkey, made paella and so much more. What makes this so special is that it is not just a grill. It is a very well made, very versatile ceramic, wood burning oven. When I use it to cook dinner, I generally use it to cook the entire dinner. I have, use and love a number of other great cooking tools, but this is the most versatile and the best value of quality to price. I love my CVap, but I use this more, even in the winter.

A close second for my best purchase of the year is my Canon 5D Mark III with which the above photo was taken. I rented it first and loved it so much, I had to buy one. The difference between this and the BGE? The camera takes great food photos, but the BGE makes great food!

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