Sunday Photo – Johnny Spero and Süna

The name Johnny Spero may not yet be known to many in the world of food, but I suspect that will change in the not too distant future. Johnny is a young cook, who has spent time working in places like Komi, noma and Town House amongst others. He is getting set to open his first restaurant. It is located in Washington, DC and called Süna. I was hoping that it was going to be open by this past week, when I was in DC, but the photo, taken in the space that is going to be the kitchen, clearly shows that the restaurant wasn’t quite ready to go. I guess that I will just have to get down to DC again sometime in the not too distant future. Between Süna, Katsuya Fukushima’s upcoming Daikaya and the soon to re-open, revamped minibar along with a number of other restaurants, there is plenty of incentive. DC is happening and it is not just because there is a Presidential election about to go down.

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