StarChefs ICC 2012 Day Two – Photos of People

Day Two of the recent StarChefs ICC had plenty more going on, culminating in the StarChefs Cocktail Party at the end of the day. Where else can one have a cocktail made by Dave Wondrich in one hand and one by Dave Arnold in the other? Add cocktails by the likes of Don Lee, Gaz Regan, Orson Salicetti,  Lynette Marrero and Kelly Slagle amongst others, a chance to try the creative cooking of Brandon Baltzley, Jennifer Carroll, Richard Blais and more as well as live music overlooking the venue and it is a party that can’t be beat – especially after a great day of workshops, demos, competitions and tastes. Check it out!

To look at the photos at your own pace, check out my Flick’r set.

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