Sunday Photo – Paletas La Michoacana

Mango-Chile Paleta

I had never had a paleta, a fact that Cristina Potters of the sensational, award-winning food blog Mexico Cooks who knows a thing or two about paletas, was determined to correct. On the final day of the Mesamerica congress in Mexico City she pulled me out of the Blackberry Auditorium and around the corner to a little stand filled with an incredible variety of these tropical, icy treats. The stand was one of many franchises of La Michoacana, a business started in Tocumbo in the southwestern Mexican state of Michoacan and has spread outward from there through a host of people from that small town.

It was a difficult choice, but I selected the mango-chile paleta. It was delicious -refreshing and interesting with depths of flavors rarely encountered in a frozen treat. I can understand why these have become so popular throughout Mexico and now in the United States too. I thought it appropriate, that I would share this photo on this, the unofficial last weekend of summer.

For a few other images from La Michoacana see the Flick’r set.

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