Sunday Photo – It Is Balloon!

Ever since I was a kid watching F-Troop, I have been fascinated by hot air balloons. For those of you who remember the show, you may recall the line “It is balloon!” in the opening sequence. Chances are you do not, but I do and it has resonated with me ever since. I have had the good fortune to have ridden in a hot air balloon several times in my life, most recently this past weekend at the annual Adirondack Balloon Festival held in my home town of Queensbury, NY. It is a wonderful event, though it is rather dependent on  weather conditions. This past weekend was breezy and at times rainy. Despite beautiful blue skies, my first attempt at flight on Friday evening was upset  by strong winds. Saturday’s opportunity, by wind and rain. Fortunately, Sunday morning was a touch breezy, but fair. We managed to go aloft during a brief window of opportunity and had a fantastic ride with pilot/owner David J. Sheldon of The Balloon Detail, Inc. This was my first experience flying with so many balloons in the air and it was one I, my wife and our son won’t soon forgot.

For all my ballooning photos from the weekend, please visit my Photosets from Friday and Sunday on Flick’r.

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