Sunday Photo – This Might Just Be the Most Delicious Sandwich in the World

The world is filled with wonderful sandwiches. From the relatively simple fresh baguette with one’s personal choice of great ham to complexly constructed subs and heroes, there is no shortage of great taste and texture packaged between a dazzling array of scintillating choices in bread. As great as these sandwiches are, I recently had what may very well be the single most delicious sandwich that I have ever had.

Mexico is a country with a strong tradition of great sandwiches and within Mexico, the colonial city of Puebla is particularly renowned for their sandwiches, the most well known of which is probably the semita milanesa – a truly great sandwich. But when it comes to sandwiches, Puebla is more than just semitas, as fantastic as they are. Tucked away in a tiny alcove just off the main zocalo in central Puebla, Mexico is a little stand run by two shy, but extremely talented Mexican women. Their shop is called Las Poblanitas and I was brought there by Rebecca Smith Hurd to start a tour of Pueblan street food. Her tour, run through was simply amazing, with taste after taste of great Poblano bites all along the walking (thankfully) tour of some of the city’s greatest street food destinations. It was at Las Poblanitas, though, that we shared, a pelona. Pelonas are Mexican sandwiches made on bread that had been deep-fried in canola oil. The bread was light and crisp and the fillings – in our sandwich, carne (shredded pork), cheese, lettuce, crema, salsa and more – were full of flavor. The combination was an absolute Wow!!!. Its stunningly light and crisp texture and perfectly combined blend of Mexican flavors has me jonesing for another one as I write this.

Look for another post on the entirety of this crushingly delicious food tour soon!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Thanks, John! I’m delighted to hear that you enjoyed the pelona. Puebla is *definitely* more than just c/semitas, as fantastic as they are. Anyone interested in taking the Taste of Puebla tour can find more information (and make reservations) on the Eat Mexico website.

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  5. iamlatham says:

    really fantastic post. La Poblanita is one of my favourites!

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