Sunday Photo – Family Dining

There is something special about dining “en famille.” Whether it is at home or in a restaurant, breaking bread with one’s close family members warms the heart. We do it as often as we can in my family, which unfortunately, given distance and obligations, isn’t often enough. Recently, however, most of my siblings, a close cousin and our families made a point of getting together to celebrate our father’s memory on what would have been his 100th birthday. The restaurant I chose, after having dined there this spring, was Chef Joe Isidori’s Arthur on Smith. Together, Chef Isidori, the restaurant’s GM, Kate Inserra and I planned a mostly off-menu feast of family favorite Italian-American classics with Chef Isidori’s own little twists to keep things interesting. The result was a fun and delicious tribute to a man who meant so much to me and my entire family. That the restaurant is  set in the neighborhood he grew up in made it that much more special.

For images of what we ate, see my album on facebook and, please, don’t forget to “like” my facebook page to stay abreast of this blog and more.

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