Italy With My Son 2012 – Farewell to Il Chiasso and Elba

Sunday evening, our last evening on Elba on this trip, we enjoyed another wonderful dinner at Il Chiasso, but this time the mood was bittersweet. We had had a wonderful visit and were sad to be moving on.

Seared Fegato Grosso

We were served goose foie gras…

…with a nicely balanced sweet Mosel Reisling from Dr. Loosen.

Favas, Peas and Egg

Favas and peas with an egg, were served with…


…a tasty sparkling rosato from Radice.

“My son’s” gnocchi with Pigeon sauce

My son’s gnocchi with pigeon sauce was served with

La Pieve

A delightful, full bodied Chianti Classico.

Roasted Lamb

Roast local lamb

Roasted Potatoes

and roasted potatoes finished the savory portion of this superb dinner. The meal was simple, but made from the heart and delicious. It was an extra-special treat to eat the gnocchi that my son helped make. They were light, fluffy and delicious, especially with the rich pigeon sauce. The lamb was great and the potatoes were from heaven with great crunchy bits and fluffy interiors. The flavor was soul satisfying in the way that only great potatoes can be.

Biscotti with Moscato

Fausto’s wine selections were again superb, especially the Chianti Classico Riserva – the 2007 La Pieve from Podere il Palazzino.

Fresh Pineapple

Another treat was meeting Luciano and Manuela’s German friends, Joachim and Manuela, who had just arrived for a visit. The evening was again a tasty one, yet bittersweet. My son and I made new friends here. They are all lovely people. Coming to Elba was a wonderful decision as we experienced the very best of Italian hospitality in a land of our roots. This was the part of our trip that traced directly to our heritage. Though we didn’t learn any more specifically about our ancestors, I feel we learned a lot about where they came from and it felt like home.

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